Devoteam helps Cineworld elevate all of its services and their delivery to a premier position in the organisation.
  • Main challenges

    Placing service at the heart of business

    The Cineworld Executive had backed a business case to invest in IT improvement, focused on people and organisation uplift as well process improvements to underpin better the heartbeat of the business. As part of laying the foundations of this initiative, the newly installed IT Services Leadership team had made significant inroads into stabilising IT BAU (business as usual) operations and adopting some essential best practices.

    The technology landscape across the corporation was significant and growing, covering not only traditional back-office, but also mission-critical systems for planning, distribution, point-of-sale, membership sign-up, self-service kiosk, e-ticketing, digital and COPE/BYOD provisioning; The IT Services team faced a significant obstacle from the lack of a centralised ITSM platform that could facilitate the harmonising of various IT strands into a high-performance delivery team. 

    The existing system provided only basic logging and updating of monolithic tickets which had to be used for incidents and requests. These tickets existed in isolation with no inherent linking or performance management capabilities, hindering business alignment, continuous improvement and the ability both to deliver and demonstrate success.

    The methods employed for Problem, Change and Configuration Management had to be based on spreadsheets and documents and therefore lacked the essential relationships to Incident Management and each other.

    In all, people, process and technology did not cohere as well as they should and limited the effectiveness of IT in the business.

    The company decided to take the opportunity to implement a real IT Service Management solution to address the current issues and provide a foundation platform for the future. Rob Gwatkin, Service Planning Manager, commented: “Better information on how our services, both technology and process perform, would help us to target our focus and improve our capability and maturity as a department, which in turn helps the business deliver an excellent cinema-going experience to our customers.”

  • What did we solve?

    “With Devoteam’s help to put in place a first-class service management system we are confident that IT will see the company achieve its ambition of becoming Europe’s number one cinema chain.”

    Consolidation shows the big picture

    To address these challenges, the company selected ServiceNow, the market leader, as its platform, and IT transformation specialists Devoteam on the strength of their renowned approach to planning and design of IT service excellence.

    Following a review of the Cineworld’s initial requirements through seven design workshops, Devoteam, working with the CW project team, designed a solution. Using the Scrum framework Devoteam built and implemented a fully customised solution over six sprints in four weeks. The solution comprised a core of Incident, Problem, Change, SACM (Service Asset and Configuration Management) and Request Fulfilment available to all IT users and a branded and customised ESS portal accessible to the entire business.

  • Main benefits

    Transforming service levels

    Stephen Wilkinson, Cineworld Service Delivery Manager, says: “We can now concentrate effort minute by minute to target our teams’ and individuals’ focus on areas of service interruption or risk that matter to the business, track and manage problems, control change and report meaningful qualitative and quantitative information on IT infrastructure and team performance.”

    • The new IT service management solution has enabled IT to improve all of its services and their delivery to the organisation.
    • Drastic improvement in Incident SLA performance at all levels due to excellent visibility for all resolver groups and management.
    • Parent-child relationship mapping for Major Incident and Problem gives a greater understanding of trends and a quicker route to root cause, workaround and permanent fix.
    • Automated email notifications throughout including Major Incident improves visibility and awareness as well as reduce the overhead on users.
    • ServiceNow’s reporting gives management a clear view of “the IT world” using accurate and meaningful data and information.
    • Change Management including automated conflict and risk assessment is preventing unexpected interruption to business services as well as reducing the overhead of managing change by 70%.
    • Automated workflows enable the quicker delivery and transparency of catalogue requests through the self-service portal.
    • Hierarchical view of incidents for managers via ESS allowing for greater awareness across business units, fewer chase calls and a quicker response to queries from both sides.
    • Future provisions include implementation of ServiceNow’s Discovery suite, Business Tools and GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) over the next 12 months and Knowledge Management online by December 2014. 

    Zeiniz Virani, Head of IT Services concludes: “With Devoteam’s help to put in place a first-class service management system we are confident that IT will see the company achieve its ambition of becoming Europe’s number one cinema chain.”