Massy - France
Experience Level
4 years
Education Level
Doctorat UPMC en sécurité informatique
  • Everyday life

    Management and proposition of novel research and innovation projects and coordination of these with DRI domain advisors. Generation of internal and external communications by providing value and Devoteam's technological expertise promotion. Participation in the development of Devoteam offers through exchanges with Offers Unit Directors

  • Career Milestones

    Researcher in the network security field, Security As A Service and published in classified international conferences (Venezuela, Poland, South Korea, Canada, USA, Dubai, etc.)

  • Oct 25, 2015
    L’innovation à l’honneur by Devoteam, du 25 au 27 novembre
  • Feb 2, 2016
    Les soirées de l'innovation - Le couple Big Data & Cloud Computing
  • May 11, 2016
    Les Soirées de l'Innovation #2 - Les réseaux sociaux d'entreprise au service de l'Innovation
  • Oct 12, 2016
    Les soirées de l'innovation - Comprendre la blockchain, ses usages et ses enjeux